Tamara Young, Photographer. Lover. Traveler   

Tamara Young, Photographer. Lover. Traveler


Hi there!  I'm your photographer, Tamara Young.  
I would never ask you do to something that I wouldn’t do or haven’t done, and one of the most vulnerable things that I’ve ever done as a woman was to be photographed in an intimate setting.  Some years ago, the hour long drive to meet my photographer seemed to last for five.  Once I arrived, I stood in front of her, wearing nothing but my lingerie and insecurity.  I felt the stretch marks I'd earned giving birth to my daughter had red arrows pointing at them.  The only things that gave me comfort were my hair and my favorite pair of stilettos.  I kept wondering "What is she thinking about my big butt? Maybe I should have done more crunches.  I hope she's really good at editing my tummy. Damned cellulite!"

Then, magic happened.

By the end of our session, I didn’t care what the photographs looked like because I had had one of the most fun, exhilarating and empowering afternoons of my life.  The transformation that I experienced was entirely magical, and it didn’t involve losing one pound of weight from my body.  I completely forgot about the cellulite and the stretchmarks.

That day, I learned to stand in the mirror and tell myself that I'm a sexy badass unicorn, even on those days when the media and society try to tell me that I'm just imperfect.

I also realized that my passion and my purpose as a photographer is to share the experience I had with others through my own lens.  I need to transform this insidious media-induced insecurity into empowerment, fearless confidence and an uninhibited sense of beauty.  The photos are pieces of art that embody the individual empowered perfection that is you--and you can hold them in your hand and hang them in your boudoir.

I love photography because of its positive impact on the human spirit.  I’m a sassy Southern Girl from Memphis, TN, currently residing in Southern California. I have a twenty-something year-old daughter named Marti who I often refer to as "Ladybug".  She's got personality PLUS, is absolutely fearless, and is so beautiful.  My passport is always ready for a new stamp in some far away land for adventure.  I tend to talk a lot about food, especially pretty food, 'cause it just tastes better.  I love a good joke, but I suck at telling them.  I love to spin vintage albums on my record player, too.

I should also mention that I have a very healthy attraction to shoes and I refuse to count the number of pairs I own.  I think it’s just uncivilized.

So, how about you?  Let's chat about your session.  Click here or give me a call at 949-354-3357.

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