A Boudoir Session with a Sexy Little Garden Fairy

Until a few days ago, I was beginning to wonder if spring would ever arrive.  After a long winter of coats, boots, and sweaters, I look forward to sweet sundresses and sandals.  Feeling the sun against my skin, the smell of new flowers in bloom, eating fresh strawberries and spending lots of time in nature are just a few of the reasons I love this time of year.  It's a new beginning! Miss A* loves nature as well and wanted to give her new Hubby a very personal gift for their Anniversary.  When she told me about her idea to have her boudoir session outside in a garden, I was totally on board!   She's such a sexy little Garden Fairy, it was a perfect fit for her stunning natural beauty.  Miss A* had a wonderful time embracing nature and feeling free amongst the winding paths, water fountains and exotic flowers and birds in this exquisite Private Garden at a local Historic Mansion.  She even had her new Hubby's favorite guitar on hand and told me about how he plays and sings for her.  So romantic!

Guitar_Boudoir Photographer_Nature_Indulging Allure_Orange County PhotographerGarden_Nude Photographer_Boudoir_Indulging AllureGarden_Boudoir_Nature_Indulging Allure PhotographyBoudoir_Garden_Nature_Indulging Allure Photography

What a lovely way to indulge yourself and connect with nature.  We all have our own unique beauty and desire to be photographed in a setting where we feel most comfortable.  Whether that's in a studio, your private boudoir, a hotel, or maybe even near the ocean.  Are you Mother Nature or a Mermaid come to land?  With a bit of creativity and my fabulous team, the possibilities are limitless.

The spring season brings new beginnings and a perfect time to Indulge; you deserve it! Clicking the “Contact Tamara” button below will open the gate to your private indulgence.

Now that you know what Miss A*'s favorite location is, what would be your dream location for a boudoir session?

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