A Glamorous Play Date | Orange County Glamour Photographer

Hello My Friendlies.  Please,  Indulge me for a moment…. I want to tell you about my friend Diana.  She’s smart, funny and sexy as hell.  When Diana brought some of her cuddly, pretty things (shoes) over for a play date with my Cohort and Partner in Crime, Debra, who played Stylist, ILS (Intelligent Light Stand for all you Non-Togs), Loud Kings of Leon and Rhianna; we had an absolute blast!

We listened to some very inspiring music and played dress up with a real live, honest to goodness woman.

This lady is beautiful, but you can see that for yourselves.  She’s also smart as a whip, sophisticated and genuine.  Her impeccable taste is only trumped by her sweetness and her enthusiasm.  But back to her brains for a minute. This Lady After My Own Heart went on a manhunt recently, for Christian Louboutin. She wanted a very special shoe when she walks across the stage and accepts her Juris Doctor degree in a few weeks.  Yes gentleman, those curves are the beautiful wrapping to a diabolically brilliant mind.  And she scored not one, but three pairs of the elusive dream shoe.  (Wait 'till you see those images!)

So when you look into those amazing eyes, what you see there, is wisdom, and that…..is sexy!