The Perfect Black Leather Rose - Orange County Glamour and Boudoir Photographer

Finally, a rose even I can appreciate.  I’m not a fan of roses.   In my opinion, they are by far, the most boring and over-exposed flower to ever be born.  I actually pity the poor thing; always being picked like that.  It’s been around for centuries and has been written about numerous times.  For most, it is associated with love and affection.  But sometimes that love becomes heartbreak thus making the rose a symbol of the death of a romance.   I must confess, I’m not even a fan of the scent of roses.   I do however enjoy seeing people receive them and the expressions of happiness, appreciation and love on their faces.  There’s something really sweet about seeing a guy give roses to a girl he really likes and wants to like him back.  In that moment, they become the little folded love note at school, written on a piece of notebook paper that asks a simple question, “Do you like me? Yes or No?”  Now if we can just get the guys to be a bit more creative and original in their floral selection and choose a flower that is as unique as the recipient...let's revisit that task on another day, shall we? Today I want to tease you with a very special rose that I am absolutely enamored with.  Miss Ivette was given this perfect barbed wire leather rose by her lover and brought it to our recent session.   When she told me about it during our consultation and the ideas that she had for her Indulging Allure Experience, I knew we would have a fabulous time creating provocative, sensual, playful and artistically erotic images.    Our very talented Make-up Artist, Jennette Pulecio,  accentuated Ivette's luscious lips with a ravishing shade of red that was simply flawless!  It's always a joy to watch another artist create.


Black Leather Barbed Wire Rose_Tamara Young_Indulging Allure Photography


For the record, my favorite flowers are exotic Lilies, sweet Daisies, lush Peonies and the intoxicatingly fragrant Gardenia.

This has all left me quite curious.  How do you feel about roses?  What’s your favorite flower?

Please indulge us with your thoughts.  Who knows, you may be the recipient of a gorgeous bouquet of your favorites…because you DESERVE it!